The Company has its origins in established towage businesses in Greece, which after decades of experience, formed this internationally
operating offshore support, vessel owning and managing concern, primarily to capitalize on the expertise gained from successful open
sea towage and salvage projects in the 80’s and 90’s.

This continuous success and growth made the Company a respected international player in this specialized field with local salvage
stations established in West and South Africa, in North Sea and the Mediterranean and around that time MCT became a member of
the International Salvage Union.
Since 2002, striving to maintain the highest standards of quality and in sync with the international rules and regulations, the company
adopted the International Safety Management System (ISM) and International Quality Management System,
ISO 9001/2015 under
the supervision of LRS (Lloyds Register), after which we have registered thousands of days of operations without any accidents
or incidents in very diverse conditions in salvage, towage, and offshore support.

In later years MCT serviced contracts in West Africa, operated in Norway and established a permanent presence in Brazil
since 2009 working with Petrobras as well as a long presence in Egypt working with all major IOC’s .
In this time its track-record
has earned a high esteem from Petrobras, above the usual for such a modestly sized operator. The same high quality and
effectiveness commitment has been employed in this last decade in various places around the globe and the company has
been growing steadily.